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Full-Covered Premium Glass Screen Protectors

All about screen protectors

You can install the JUSTFIT screen protectors with tracing method alignment system.

Premium material Tempered Glass Screen Protector,

in-app intelligence  technology, and even helps attachment environmently with using a special designed package.


We are currently selling 3 products for iPhone 12 Max/Pro/Mini on

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** Registration of patent No. 10-1234532,  No. 10-1418974 in USA, Japan, Korea, China.

** Registraition of Trademarks internationally : Korea 40-1121854 / USA - 4,615,922

Utilized Packaging

 Plastic-free design for better planet

Put the device over the package which groove-designed for fixing firmly.

We think about the plastic-free package design.
We consider everything that can improve the installation of the screen protector.

Our JUSTFIT screen protectors don't need plastic jigs.
Just by purchasing plastic-free packaging products, you are considering the environment of our planet.

** Registration of Design patent No. 30-1111847 / 30-1124811.

Easy to align

Using a tracing method.

In general, the reason why screen protectors are not easy to install is that too many alignment shapes required.

We're using the 'Tracing Method' like the tracing board, tracing paper which used to common-friendly user experiences.


Our patented mobile application 'JUSTFIT' provide a tracing image which is not allowed multi-finger touch, pinch, zoom features during the installation performance.

Of course, You can see a printed tracing image on the screen protector which required to align with tracing method.

Yes, it almost same story as tracing board.


App Performance

We provide the mobile app free of charge to maximize the user experience. Multi-touch and pinch-up lights also provide an in-app attachment screen with a black background to make the attachment process unsuccessful and easy to check for contamination.

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